An experience Forged
forged over time
2003-2009 It is in 2003 that the history of the company is born!

At that time, Mr. Emile KOCH, electrical engineer, former employee of ERICO B.V. (International manufacturer of electrical components) decided to create his own company in the field of lightning protection.

Why is ERICO important in the history of Amperio?

Having kept good contact with the head office, Mr. KOCH continued to work closely with her within his company. Mr. SCHNEIDER, the current owner of Amperio, was at that time ERICO's sales manager for the German-speaking departments (including Switzerland).

It is through the business relations between these two companies that Mr. KOCH had, without knowing it, found his successor.

Indeed, after having worked in this field all his career, it was time for Mr. KOCH to give up his place.
2009-2013 What happens next?

In 2009, the company was taken over by Mr. Schneider and became Amperio GmbH

The company is based in Switzerland in the canton of Fribourg in the industrial zone of the city of Morat. This advantageous geographical location allows the company to benefit from a wide area of action since it is located in the heart of the Swiss country, between German and French-speaking Switzerland.

Amperio is specialized in the field of electrical engineering. As a distributor of electrical components for more than 20 years, we have built strong relationships with our world-renowned partners, which allows us to intervene in many sectors such as:

  • Construction, Buildings & Data centers

  • Low Voltage switchboard

  • Transport

  • Energy

  • Mobility

  • The transport, connection and electrical safety of low and medium voltages are the fields of predilection of our company.

    Amperio makes it a point of honour to advise and support its customers in all stages of their projects.
    2013-2022 Starting in 2015, Amperio wanted to expand by offering new product lines to its customers. For this purpose, we have gradually surrounded ourselves with the best brands in the world of electrical engineering.
    First with Sicame and then its subsidiary, Mecatraction, later joined by Saltek and finally EAE.

    In 2021, we added Caddy, a subsidiary of nVent Group (with us since 2009) to provide quality fastening, attachment and suspension solutions.

    Finally, since 2022, we work with Madic Industrie for all the part regarding e-mobility.

    Our expertise combined with the quality products of our suppliers contributes to our efficiency and strength.

    In addition, we also offer training courses on Cadweld and busbars to support our customers and help them manage our products in complete safety.

    2023 Over the years, Amperio has had the opportunity to prove itself on several projects, especially in two of the largest Swiss data centers:

    First in 2019, at the Rafz construction site in Zurich, where our teams have installed 7 km of busbars.

    Then in 2022 in the city of Gland, by supplying and installing 14 km of busbars to equip the largest Data Center in Switzerland (14,000 m2) as part of the Stack project.

    On the strength of this experience and in a constant effort to improve, Amperio reorganized internally to create Amperio Project, a subsidiary entirely dedicated to project management around busbar.